CMR's Products for dealers

CMR Automotive Media advertising products focus ONLY on driving floor traffic to your store!

Forget paying for useless Internet robots clicking on your website. With CMR, you need NEVER waste that money again.

CMR’s focused advertising  definitively reaches actual people in your area: on their phone in their hand, at their mailbox, and in their social media.

Our most popular products are our Facebook® Events, which have helped hundreds of dealers Make More Sales THIS Month. CMR’s Live Facebook® Chat BDC is the best in the business at setting sales appointments directly from our Facebook advertising.

And, even better, we can combine those Facebook Events
with our CMR Direct Mail to deliver the best floor traffic possible for your store’s sales event.

We can also help manage your Facebook® Business Page monthly, rendering consistent and engaging posts that drive positive awareness of your store–and public posts not just about happy customers, but also about such things as your store’s position in the community, your happy employees, and posts of high interest that keep visitors to your Facebook® Page engaged!

CMR Automotive Media products Deliver Results: Our advertising shows up right in the hands of your local prospects and at their homes, and our only goal is providing floor traffic so you can sell more vehicles!

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